Why Vitamin Water Is Presently One Very Popular Product On The Market

Produced by Energy Brands, Inc., vitamin water is one of the main products of the company together with smart water, fruit water and vitamin energy. Each of these beverages is a combination of fruity extracts and vitamins meant to appeal to anyone interested in healthy hydration. The company was founded in the mid 90s after a water scare in New York City, and their products are presently distributed all over the United States. The composition of the vitamin water is pretty complex, as it relies on the B complex and on the antioxidant E and C vitamins; the sweetener is crystalline fructose completed by citric acid and a variety of flavors.

Vitamin water contains only distilled and deionized water enriched with a variety of herbal extracts. Each flavored variety has a distinct vitamin and mineral structure: thus, Tropical Citrus relies on guarana and vitamin B, Kiwi and Strawberry on vitamin A and lutein, whereas the Raspberry-Apple includes vitamin C and zinc. There are plenty of other combinations each of them with a very appealing title; vitamin water with names like ?Revive?, ?Defense?, ?Balance?, ?Energy?, ?B-Relaxed? and so on, cannot but impress the target customer with the pro-health message.

Vitamin water is presently one very popular product on the market, due to the efforts many people are taking towards healthy nutrition and hydration habits. Nevertheless, there are several objections to the extended or exclusive use of vitamin water on a regular basis. The first issue comes from the fact that there are chemical substances like the ?citric acid? in the composition, which is not exactly totally harmless and friendly for the body. Then, many people may wonder about the flavors and the color pigments of vitamin water: are they natural? Do they use herbal extracts? Another scientific debate is centered on the use of fructose as a sweetener.

Apparently, recent studies have revealed the fact that fructose is a compound that when used in excess can affect the liver function. Hence, it may be a fruit extract, but not all scientists consider it safe too. Therefore, we could definitely say that opinions are pretty divided when it comes to reviewing a product like vitamin water. The thing is that for many people this type of beverage is the healthier alternative to soft drinks: there’s no sugar, and the vitamin supplement brings the boost of energy the body needs. Consequently, it is up to each and every one of us to decide whether vitamin water works or not.

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