What is to know about anxiety and why it occurs: symptoms and occurrence?

Man, as a living being develops in constant interaction with the environment. The medium is a source of opportunities for the satisfaction of their needs and interests but also of risks and threats. Among them, warning and defense systems have reached special relevance and development. Anxiety is an alert system of the organism in situations considered threatening that is, situations that affect you and in which you have something to gain or lose. The concept of anxiety is therefore closely linked to the perception of threat and the disposition of responses to it.

5 causes of anxiety

When it exceeds certain limits, anxiety becomes a health problem, impedes well-being and interferes remarkably in social, work, or intellectual activities.Anxiety can be triggered, both by external or situational stimuli and by internal stimuli to the subject such as thoughts, sensations and images.

Post-traumatic stress: Originated by diverse threatening or traumatic situations. It is characterized because it is granted a lot of importance to these images and the anxiety that they provoke.

Digital technologies: The fact of wanting to be at the forefront in technology, regarding the internet, cell phones and other devices causes in some individuals a constant anxiety and stress especially in the workplace.

Social-network: The more friends you have on Facebook, the more likely you are to suffer stress and anxiety problems.

Alcohol abuse: The anxiety disorder appears before alcohol dependence. People try to reduce the manifestations of anxiety with the anxiolytic properties of the liquor. This situation only worsens the symptoms because the liquor consumed in excess, increases emotional tension and anxiety.

Smoking: Tobacco causes many people an increase in anxiety. On the contrary, when you quit smoking anxiety levels are reduced.

Other ways to manage your anxiety: Remedies

Taking medications and going to psychotherapy can start you on the road to feel better. It can also help you take care of your body and relationships. The other possible remedies are get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, keep a regular daily schedule, leave the house every day, stay away from alcohol and illicit drugs and talk to family or friends when you feel nervous or scared.

Conclusion: What is alprazolam: Xanax?

According to specialists, it is important to learn the factors that trigger generalized anxiety or its disorder because it is from this that an appropriate treatment can be carried out. Alprazolam is the generic name of benzodiazepine. Alprazolam is used for the treatment of anxiety disorders, panic disorders and anxiety caused by depression.In general, Xanax is a brand which has Alprazolam. It is especially recommended for anxiety crisis problems with or without agoraphobia. You can buy Xanax 2 mg bars by clicking on the link. The psychotropic drug Alprazolam is the most prescribed anxiolytic at present to treat anxiety pharmacologically.

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