Freelife: Pioneers In Goji?

Freelife noticed the little bright red berry goji. After looking into the berries? history, they decided it was a possibility to sell. After years of researching and blending experiments, they manufactured Himalayan Goji Juice. Four years later, they improved the formula and released it under the brand name GoChi.

So, what did Freelife find when they looked into Goji? Goji berries grow best in hot, humid weather with damp, well-drained sandy soil. Goji berries are small, red berries that grown from violet cone-shaped flowers in drooping clumps on the perennial goji bushes.

Goji berries are native to India, China, Asia and Mongolia. However, there are grown mostly in China and Asia. The best berries, from a nutritional standpoint, come from the bushes grown in the Himalayan Mountains region.

Native tribal healers of Asia used the goji berries along with their other natural herbs and supplements for the locals. Goji berries were used to promote good health and longevity. Some of the tribal people were said to live more than a century.

Although Freelife was the first to do extensive research on the goji berry and manufacture a juice for the world, they are not the only goji manufacturers today. Freelife is one of many manufactures, but they are the only company with research.

Freelife was started by two men in the mid 1990?s, when one of the men wanted a nutritional supplement for his aging mother. His search eventually led him to Goji berries and starting Freelife with his friend.

Freelife has various products, including a goji-based weight loss drink, a goji-based energy drink and about forty other nutritional supplements to boot.

Although a privately held company, Freelife isn?t a small or mega company. Today, Freelife does thousands of dollars of business each month through various independent marketers or dealers.

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