Why Vitamin Water Is Presently One Very Popular Product On The Market

Produced by Energy Brands, Inc., vitamin water is one of the main products of the company together with smart water, fruit water and vitamin energy. Each of these beverages is a combination of fruity extracts and vitamins meant to appeal to anyone interested in healthy hydration. The company was founded in the mid 90s after a water scare in New York City, and their products are presently distributed all over the United States. The composition of the vitamin water is pretty complex, as it relies on the B complex and on the antioxidant E and C vitamins; the sweetener is crystalline fructose completed by citric acid and a variety of flavors.

Vitamin water contains only distilled and deionized water enriched with a variety of herbal extracts. Each flavored variety has a distinct vitamin and mineral structure: thus, Tropical Citrus relies on guarana and vitamin B, Kiwi and Strawberry on vitamin A and lutein, whereas the Raspberry-Apple includes vitamin C and zinc. There are plenty of other combinations each of them with a very appealing title; vitamin water with names like ?Revive?, ?Defense?, ?Balance?, ?Energy?, ?B-Relaxed? and so on, cannot but impress the target customer with the pro-health message.

Vitamin water is presently one very popular product on the market, due to the efforts many people are taking towards healthy nutrition and hydration habits. Nevertheless, there are several objections to the extended or exclusive use of vitamin water on a regular basis. The first issue comes from the fact that there are chemical substances like the ?citric acid? in the composition, which is not exactly totally harmless and friendly for the body. Then, many people may wonder about the flavors and the color pigments of vitamin water: are they natural? Do they use herbal extracts? Another scientific debate is centered on the use of fructose as a sweetener.

Apparently, recent studies have revealed the fact that fructose is a compound that when used in excess can affect the liver function. Hence, it may be a fruit extract, but not all scientists consider it safe too. Therefore, we could definitely say that opinions are pretty divided when it comes to reviewing a product like vitamin water. The thing is that for many people this type of beverage is the healthier alternative to soft drinks: there’s no sugar, and the vitamin supplement brings the boost of energy the body needs. Consequently, it is up to each and every one of us to decide whether vitamin water works or not.

Freelife: Pioneers In Goji?

Freelife noticed the little bright red berry goji. After looking into the berries? history, they decided it was a possibility to sell. After years of researching and blending experiments, they manufactured Himalayan Goji Juice. Four years later, they improved the formula and released it under the brand name GoChi.

So, what did Freelife find when they looked into Goji? Goji berries grow best in hot, humid weather with damp, well-drained sandy soil. Goji berries are small, red berries that grown from violet cone-shaped flowers in drooping clumps on the perennial goji bushes.

Goji berries are native to India, China, Asia and Mongolia. However, there are grown mostly in China and Asia. The best berries, from a nutritional standpoint, come from the bushes grown in the Himalayan Mountains region.

Native tribal healers of Asia used the goji berries along with their other natural herbs and supplements for the locals. Goji berries were used to promote good health and longevity. Some of the tribal people were said to live more than a century.

Although Freelife was the first to do extensive research on the goji berry and manufacture a juice for the world, they are not the only goji manufacturers today. Freelife is one of many manufactures, but they are the only company with research.

Freelife was started by two men in the mid 1990?s, when one of the men wanted a nutritional supplement for his aging mother. His search eventually led him to Goji berries and starting Freelife with his friend.

Freelife has various products, including a goji-based weight loss drink, a goji-based energy drink and about forty other nutritional supplements to boot.

Although a privately held company, Freelife isn?t a small or mega company. Today, Freelife does thousands of dollars of business each month through various independent marketers or dealers.

Know The Calories In An Apple

Every day, a huge number of apples are consumed. Their sweet taste and crisp texture has turned them into one of the western world’s most popular fruits. Whatever your preferred choice of variety, be it Granny Smith, Gala, or Golden Delicious, it would be in your interest to learn about the number of calories in an apple. This information is important whether or not you are on a diet.

This most common of fruits is a great convenient snack. It can easily be carried and eaten whenever you get a hunger pang. They are widely available and can be bought from grocery stores in every town or city in the country. Their nutritional content varies dependent upon size. The following data should help to provide you a clear outline as to the calorific value of the differing sizes.

Data released by the USDA states that an unpeeled large apple, which has a three and a quarter inch diameter, would contain 116 calories. It would also have around seventeen per cent of the required intake of vitamin C for an adult, and also some amount of riboflavin, thiamine, foliate, niacin, vitamin E, vitamin B6, and vitamin K. For this reason it is thought of as one of the healthiest fruits.

Naturally, medium sized specimens have less calories than the larger apples. For instance, one that has a diameter of three inches would contain 95 calories. The list of minerals and vitamins would be the same though fewer in volume.

Apples which are of a small size, for example two and three quarter inch diameter, have a calorific content of 77. It is important to note that they have only negligible amounts of manganese, magnesium, potassium, copper, phosphorous, iron, and calcium. Also, they have no cholesterol, fat, or sodium.

If you have the habit or removing the skin, this will impact on the availability of fiber by a half or even more. If you do not like to bite through the skin, how about slicing the fruit into easy to eat portions. If you do keep the skin, make sure it is washed thoroughly as it may be coated in residues of chemical pesticides. All apple varieties are high in antioxidants, these help to combat various diseases.

The amount of calories in an apple needs to be considered if you are on a diet. What is not debatable is that they are highly nutritious. Also, regular consumption can be great for the teeth as they prevent plaque and decay.

Fish Oil And Cod Liver Oil

In an era where people are largely relying on supplements for the required amount of nutrients, the rising query is which supplement is more reliable than the others? With a unanimous acceptance towards supplements made from fishes, the question is – Fish Oil or Cod Liver Oil?

Let us take an attempt to figure out which of these two oils benefits the body more or rather which of the two is richer with nutrients. We can pick up every aspect of these supplements and analyze them comparatively.

Manufacturing Benefits

Cod liver oil, like it sounds, is extracted from the liver of the cod fish. The liver of cod fish steamed and pressed to extract the oil from it, which is made available in the form of liquid as well as capsule. On the other hand, fish oil is made from the flesh and skin of different types of fishes. This is also steamed and pressed to extract the oil which is made available only in the form of capsules.

Richer With Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The two key fish-obtained omega – 3 fatty acids are EPA and DHA, both of them being extremely crucial for a balanced development of the brain, stronger immune system, healthy vision, nutritious growth and so on. Amongst children, the level of DHA determines their intelligence. Higher level of DHA leads to a brighter child. Amongst adults, it has several heart benefits. Fish Oil and Cod Liver Oil, both, contain equal amounts of EPA and DHA, making them equally preferable while prescribing them only for the purpose of omega 3s.

Richer With Vitamins

Vitamins, in a fish, are persevered only in its liver. Thus, Cod Liver Oil has rich amounts of nutrients, while the Fish Oil lacks them. Cod liver oil contains good amounts of Vitamin A that is beneficial for healthy eyesight and good skin. It also does wonders for improving the immune system and fighting various bacterial and virus infections. Liver oil also contains vitamin D in high proportions that helps maintaining strong and healthy bones and teeth. It is a vital nutrient for children. Thus, while prescribing a supplement for vitamins, cod liver oil takes the deal.

Safety Measures

Looking at safety of consuming these supplements, the debate gets arguable. Since cod liver oil is richer with respect to vitamins and omega 3s, the consumption has to be well monitored. An overdose of any vitamin can lead to several complexities. It can do more harm to the body than good. Thus, consumption of cod liver oil has to be based on strict prescription. On the other hand, fish oil is only rich with omega 3s, an over consumption of which would not be as harmful or fatal. However, even their consumption should be well monitored. Calculating on safety levels, Fish oil is believed to be safer than cod liver oil.

It is also said that since cod liver oil is extracted from the liver, an organ which filters the contamination of the body, would contain more contaminated elements that the fish oil. Thus, care should be taken while choosing the manufacturer of your Cod liver oil. If the manufacturer believes in offering the best of healing properties of the liver while eliminating the harmful ones, there remains nothing to worry about. Also, pregnant women must consult their gynecologists before consuming cod liver oil.

The bottom line being, cod liver oil does miracles and wonders to your body and health, if only consulted well before consumption!