What is to know about anxiety and why it occurs: symptoms and occurrence?

Man, as a living being develops in constant interaction with the environment. The medium is a source of opportunities for the satisfaction of their needs and interests but also of risks and threats. Among them, warning and defense systems have reached special relevance and development. Anxiety is an alert system of the organism in situations considered threatening that is, situations that affect you and in which you have something to gain or lose. The concept of anxiety is therefore closely linked to the perception of threat and the disposition of responses to it.

5 causes of anxiety

When it exceeds certain limits, anxiety becomes a health problem, impedes well-being and interferes remarkably in social, work, or intellectual activities.Anxiety can be triggered, both by external or situational stimuli and by internal stimuli to the subject such as thoughts, sensations and images.

Post-traumatic stress: Originated by diverse threatening or traumatic situations. It is characterized because it is granted a lot of importance to these images and the anxiety that they provoke.

Digital technologies: The fact of wanting to be at the forefront in technology, regarding the internet, cell phones and other devices causes in some individuals a constant anxiety and stress especially in the workplace.

Social-network: The more friends you have on Facebook, the more likely you are to suffer stress and anxiety problems.

Alcohol abuse: The anxiety disorder appears before alcohol dependence. People try to reduce the manifestations of anxiety with the anxiolytic properties of the liquor. This situation only worsens the symptoms because the liquor consumed in excess, increases emotional tension and anxiety.

Smoking: Tobacco causes many people an increase in anxiety. On the contrary, when you quit smoking anxiety levels are reduced.

Other ways to manage your anxiety: Remedies

Taking medications and going to psychotherapy can start you on the road to feel better. It can also help you take care of your body and relationships. The other possible remedies are get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, keep a regular daily schedule, leave the house every day, stay away from alcohol and illicit drugs and talk to family or friends when you feel nervous or scared.

Conclusion: What is alprazolam: Xanax?

According to specialists, it is important to learn the factors that trigger generalized anxiety or its disorder because it is from this that an appropriate treatment can be carried out. Alprazolam is the generic name of benzodiazepine. Alprazolam is used for the treatment of anxiety disorders, panic disorders and anxiety caused by depression.In general, Xanax is a brand which has Alprazolam. It is especially recommended for anxiety crisis problems with or without agoraphobia. You can buy Xanax 2 mg bars by clicking on the link. The psychotropic drug Alprazolam is the most prescribed anxiolytic at present to treat anxiety pharmacologically.

Why Vitamin Water Is Presently One Very Popular Product On The Market

Produced by Energy Brands, Inc., vitamin water is one of the main products of the company together with smart water, fruit water and vitamin energy. Each of these beverages is a combination of fruity extracts and vitamins meant to appeal to anyone interested in healthy hydration. The company was founded in the mid 90s after a water scare in New York City, and their products are presently distributed all over the United States. The composition of the vitamin water is pretty complex, as it relies on the B complex and on the antioxidant E and C vitamins; the sweetener is crystalline fructose completed by citric acid and a variety of flavors.

Vitamin water contains only distilled and deionized water enriched with a variety of herbal extracts. Each flavored variety has a distinct vitamin and mineral structure: thus, Tropical Citrus relies on guarana and vitamin B, Kiwi and Strawberry on vitamin A and lutein, whereas the Raspberry-Apple includes vitamin C and zinc. There are plenty of other combinations each of them with a very appealing title; vitamin water with names like ?Revive?, ?Defense?, ?Balance?, ?Energy?, ?B-Relaxed? and so on, cannot but impress the target customer with the pro-health message.

Vitamin water is presently one very popular product on the market, due to the efforts many people are taking towards healthy nutrition and hydration habits. Nevertheless, there are several objections to the extended or exclusive use of vitamin water on a regular basis. The first issue comes from the fact that there are chemical substances like the ?citric acid? in the composition, which is not exactly totally harmless and friendly for the body. Then, many people may wonder about the flavors and the color pigments of vitamin water: are they natural? Do they use herbal extracts? Another scientific debate is centered on the use of fructose as a sweetener.

Apparently, recent studies have revealed the fact that fructose is a compound that when used in excess can affect the liver function. Hence, it may be a fruit extract, but not all scientists consider it safe too. Therefore, we could definitely say that opinions are pretty divided when it comes to reviewing a product like vitamin water. The thing is that for many people this type of beverage is the healthier alternative to soft drinks: there’s no sugar, and the vitamin supplement brings the boost of energy the body needs. Consequently, it is up to each and every one of us to decide whether vitamin water works or not.

The Four Basic Principles Of A Healthful Diet

1. Eat a diet rich in whole, unrefined, nutrient-dense foods. Fresh, natural, minimally processed foods are the richest in nutrients, including the trace compounds that are critical for optimal health.

2. Eat a wide variety of foods. No one food has a perfect balance of nutrients, and eating a wide variety of foods provides you with a wide variety of nutrients. Most people get into dietary ruts, eating only a handful of foods. Broadening your food choices provides you with a greater abundance of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and phytonutrients that support optimal health. In addition, eating a variety of foods decreases the possibility of creating food sensitivities that can arise when the same few foods are eaten day after day.

3. Avoid foods grown, treated, or processed with chemicals. Virtually every one of us carry residues of pesticides and other chemicals stored in our body tissues. These poisons enter our food supply in a variety of ways: pesticides and other agricultural chemicals are applied to crops, animals raised for the meat and dairy industries are fed hormones and antibiotics, and a huge array of chemicals are added to foods during processing to flavor, sweeten, color, preserve, and texturize them. Even food packaging contains toxins that leach into the contents, such as lead or aluminum in cans and polyvinyl chloride in plastic food wrap. All chemicals add to the load of poisons that the liver is forced to detoxify and create freeradical damage that leads to cancer, heart disease, other degenerative diseases, and premature aging. Make every effort to buy organically grown and processed foods.

4. Discover the diet that is best for you. Take the time to find a way of eating that makes you feel healthy and energetic. Pay attention to how you feel, don’t be afraid to experiment, and remember that no one diet is the perfect diet for everyone. For example, although the high-complex carbohydrate, low-fat, and low-protein diet has been popularized as the ultimate healthful way of eating, many women find that a diet consisting primarily of carbohydrates-even healthful complex carbohydrates-increases insulin levels and causes fatigue, weight gain, dry skin, and hormonal imbalances. This is particularly true for women over 40. Many women find that eating more protein and fat (healthful fats, of course) makes all the difference in the way they feel. A diet that consists of about 30 percent protein, 30 percent fat, and 40 percent carbohydrates helps to keep blood sugar on an even keel and prostaglandin levels balanced.

Get Over The ‘weighty’ Issues Smoothly

An article in a leading newspaper referred to Obesity as a ‘silent killer’ which is a very apt statement to make and this is visible. Due to the increasing power of technology, children of today’s time have forgotten the pleasures of playing and indulge themselves in video games and television. Gone are the days when children would enjoy an evening with their peers by enjoying a physical game, this time is slipping into oblivion and now children enjoy the delights of technology which has taken a toll on their development on the whole.

Obesity results from the increasing gap between the consumption of calories and burning of those calories. Today, people are involved in jobs which do not require any physical activity and involves a great deal of mental activity. For instance, a typical 9 to 5 job does not require any physical effort to be put in. Many offices are such that they simply focus on work and not on the development of the employee on the whole. It is very important to have a good physical recreational activity for employees, which will ensure that they can relieve their stress, enjoy a physical activity and keep a check on their health.

Obesity has been linked to lethal health issues like Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, High Blood Pressure, Heart disease, stroke etc…A scientific study has proved that women with a waist whose circumference is more than 35 inches is supposed to have a high quantity of visceral fat which is responsible for health ailments like Diabetes. Obese men are more likely to suffer from cancer and sleep apnea. To keep this terror in check, it is very important to compulsorily do a certain physical activity and keep a check on the diet and what is a part of it.

Indulgence in a physical activity will ensure that cholesterol which is healthy for the human body increases in the blood leading to the reduction of fatty acids in the blood stream. This ensures that the blood will circulate freely. Through disciplined physical activity, health ailments like Osteoporosis can be given a miss. Aerobic exercises further ensure that the function of muscles, blood and lungs is improved which results in stronger bones, better endurance and reduced fat. To lose extra weight, a low calorie diet plan is a good idea. In terms of calories, a balance needs to be stuck. If the calories are less in number, basic metabolic processes will be affected which will lead to decreased rate of weight loss.

Hexagon Nutrition Pvt. Ltd., an expert into food supplements and clinical nutrition has come up with a nutritional supplement, Products/>ObesiGo which will keep a check on the unnecessary weight. Its key ingredients are DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) and Whey Protein. DHA is an essential nutrient for cardiovascular health, memory and cognitive function. A sufficient intake of DHA is important as it plays an important role in the shedding of those extra kilos while Whey Protein improves immunity, antioxidant function and muscle function.

Freelife: Pioneers In Goji?

Freelife noticed the little bright red berry goji. After looking into the berries? history, they decided it was a possibility to sell. After years of researching and blending experiments, they manufactured Himalayan Goji Juice. Four years later, they improved the formula and released it under the brand name GoChi.

So, what did Freelife find when they looked into Goji? Goji berries grow best in hot, humid weather with damp, well-drained sandy soil. Goji berries are small, red berries that grown from violet cone-shaped flowers in drooping clumps on the perennial goji bushes.

Goji berries are native to India, China, Asia and Mongolia. However, there are grown mostly in China and Asia. The best berries, from a nutritional standpoint, come from the bushes grown in the Himalayan Mountains region.

Native tribal healers of Asia used the goji berries along with their other natural herbs and supplements for the locals. Goji berries were used to promote good health and longevity. Some of the tribal people were said to live more than a century.

Although Freelife was the first to do extensive research on the goji berry and manufacture a juice for the world, they are not the only goji manufacturers today. Freelife is one of many manufactures, but they are the only company with research.

Freelife was started by two men in the mid 1990?s, when one of the men wanted a nutritional supplement for his aging mother. His search eventually led him to Goji berries and starting Freelife with his friend.

Freelife has various products, including a goji-based weight loss drink, a goji-based energy drink and about forty other nutritional supplements to boot.

Although a privately held company, Freelife isn?t a small or mega company. Today, Freelife does thousands of dollars of business each month through various independent marketers or dealers.

L-arginine And Hgh- L-arginine Releases Hgh

HGH or human growth hormone is a complex protein which is made up of more than 191 amino acids. The main role of this hormone is that it helps the liver to produce Insulin Growth Factor IGF-1 which triggers bone and tissue growth throughout the body.

The production of HGH begins declining after the age of 30 and this is an underlying cause of aging.

There are some natural ways to enhance HGH.

L-Arginine is an amino acid that can also help in the release of HGH. This is because it helps block the hormone somatostatin which acts as a deterrent in HGH production.

Blocking this hormone greatly affects HGH production and increases it’s level.

But this is not all, that l-arginine can do.

It also helps in sexual function in men and is often referred to as Nature’s Viagra. This is because when a man gets sexually excited, the brain signals the body to increase blood flow to the penile region. L-arginine helps in the release of nitric oxide in the walls of the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis and this allows blood vessels to dilate or open up allowing more blood into the erectile tissue. This leads to hard and firm erections.

Moreover, l-arginine also helps in increasing sperm count and semen production.

The food sources of l-arginine include animal and plant proteins such as red meat, beef, lamb etc.,

Other sources include dairy and poultry products, nuts, beans, fish etc.,

There are many HGH supplements that not only contain l-arginine but also a large number of other essential amino acids and natural ingredients that can help boost HGH production.

Such HGH Releasers are better as compared to other means of HGH such as injections since they do not have any side effects. These are not a replacement therapy but are simulators that help stimulate pituitary gland so that it can increase its own production and secretion of HGH.

There are some 100% natural supplements that are not just clinically approved but have become a huge hit among men and women as a highly effective anti aging treatment.

Easy Low Fat Recipes And Your Health

For the person who?s constantly going back and forth between one diet or another, there never seems to be much fun in their lives. I should know as I?ve been yo-yo dieting for most of my adult life now. I would go from one diet plan to another and stick with it only long enough for it to work a little. At which point I?d get tired of it and go back to my rounds of binge-eating. Naturally this wasn?t healthy, and only by a great effort on my part have I now decided to turn my whole life around. Instead of alternately bingeing and dieting I?ve now decided to go the healthy route and am now going in for sensible eating ideas and regular exercise. I?ve also resorted to using a few really tasty low fat recipes to help me in my new get-fit regime.

I decided to try out some easy low fat recipes because when I first started on my sensible eating plan, I found there weren?t really too many things that I could eat that were also good for me and tasty. I had always scorned any low fat foods and meals since they didn?t seem to taste very good, but since then I?ve learned a lot, and have found great ways to make easy low fat recipes that tickle my taste buds.

A few years ago sadly enough this wasn?t the case and it was really difficult to get any really good tasting low fat recipes that could satisfy your hunger at the same time as well. Or at least that was my perception at the time. Luckily I found out that I was wrong and that if you prepare your meals with care using some easy low fat recipes you could turn out a dish to rival any of the ones swimming in fats.

Eating low fat meals is just another sensible way to contain your excess food and fat intake. Having easy low fat recipes on hand however, just makes it all the more easier for you to stick your new plan. Think about it, if you have to slave over the stove for a long time only to produce something that?s only slightly edible, and has no compensation of fats in it either would you really do it? I didn?t think so. Everyone needs motivation to do something and using easy low fat recipes is one the best ways that I?ve found to stay on my sensible eating regime.

These recipes need not be hard to remember, and they don?t need to utilize a lot of ingredients either. So you can either have them handy on a few card sheets, or you could just stick them up on the refrigerator for them to be in plain sight always. Whatever you decide though, I?ve found that easy low fat recipes are my ticket to getting my life back into order, and my weight back into a good balance.

Know The Calories In An Apple

Every day, a huge number of apples are consumed. Their sweet taste and crisp texture has turned them into one of the western world’s most popular fruits. Whatever your preferred choice of variety, be it Granny Smith, Gala, or Golden Delicious, it would be in your interest to learn about the number of calories in an apple. This information is important whether or not you are on a diet.

This most common of fruits is a great convenient snack. It can easily be carried and eaten whenever you get a hunger pang. They are widely available and can be bought from grocery stores in every town or city in the country. Their nutritional content varies dependent upon size. The following data should help to provide you a clear outline as to the calorific value of the differing sizes.

Data released by the USDA states that an unpeeled large apple, which has a three and a quarter inch diameter, would contain 116 calories. It would also have around seventeen per cent of the required intake of vitamin C for an adult, and also some amount of riboflavin, thiamine, foliate, niacin, vitamin E, vitamin B6, and vitamin K. For this reason it is thought of as one of the healthiest fruits.

Naturally, medium sized specimens have less calories than the larger apples. For instance, one that has a diameter of three inches would contain 95 calories. The list of minerals and vitamins would be the same though fewer in volume.

Apples which are of a small size, for example two and three quarter inch diameter, have a calorific content of 77. It is important to note that they have only negligible amounts of manganese, magnesium, potassium, copper, phosphorous, iron, and calcium. Also, they have no cholesterol, fat, or sodium.

If you have the habit or removing the skin, this will impact on the availability of fiber by a half or even more. If you do not like to bite through the skin, how about slicing the fruit into easy to eat portions. If you do keep the skin, make sure it is washed thoroughly as it may be coated in residues of chemical pesticides. All apple varieties are high in antioxidants, these help to combat various diseases.

The amount of calories in an apple needs to be considered if you are on a diet. What is not debatable is that they are highly nutritious. Also, regular consumption can be great for the teeth as they prevent plaque and decay.

How To Choose An Organic Bovine Colostrum Supplement

As new information continues to emerge regarding the health benefits of organic bovine colostrum, interest in this natural dietary supplement continues to grow. In response, many manufacturers now offer both non-organic and organic bovine colostrum supplements that are obtained from a variety of different colostrum sources and processed using a variety of different techniques.

Since there can be a correspondingly wide variation in the safety and overall effectiveness of these supplements, further consideration of both their colostrum sources and processing techniques has become increasingly important for choosing the most beneficial among them.

Choosing organic bovine colostrum is good in the same way that choosing organic foods is good. Although it has been difficult to determine with scientific certainty the overall effects of pesticides on human health, it is believed that organic foods are more nutritious largely because organically grown plants are more healthy.

In a similar way, the quality of bovine colostrum depends largely on the health of the cow that manufactures it. Cows that have been fed diets based on pesticide-laden plants, or have been subjected to drugs like growth hormones or antibiotics, are in general less healthy than their organically raised counterparts. This reduces the quality of the colostrum they produce, and increases their potential for harm through the transmission of the toxins these cows ingest.

Choosing organic bovine colostrum that is taken immediately after calves are born and harvested from very large source herds is even better. Colostrum taken within 24 hours after calving will have higher concentrations of beneficial components and greater immunotherapeutic potential, and larger source herds produce colostrum having a higher degree of uniformity from batch to batch.

Another issue that may be important to consider has to do with the diet of the source cows. Because pasture-fed cows are exposed by grazing to the complete spectrum of antigens in their natural habitat, they must develop a stronger natural immunity.

It is suggested that this may make organic bovine colostrum from pasture-fed sources more effective through the adoptive transfer of this enhanced immunity to humans. Since organic herds in the US are in general not pasture fed, many manufacturers now source their colostrum from New Zealand and Australia, where pasture feeding is common.

Choosing an organic bovine colostrum supplement that is processed fresh, and uses a low-heat drying technique will ensure that its beneficial components retain their maximum activity and health benefits. Many manufacturers require freezing of their source colostrum for transport, and some require the application of heat for the processing of their colostrum supplements.

Previously frozen products are limited in how they can be processed, and alternate processing techniques can yield colostrum supplements that are insoluble in water and therefore less biologically active in the body.

Finally, the application of heat in the manufacturing process can denature many of the protein components of the source colostrum, and colostrum supplements manufactured using excessive heat in general contain lower levels of important colostrum components and decreased biological activity.

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The Organic Bee Pollen Myth?

The organic trend seems to be sweeping the nation. It is no surprise that bee pollen producers have joined in on the organic front.

I really do support organic eating and I buy a lot of local organic foods. In fact, almost everything I eat is organic. Even when it is not organic I do my best to ensure it is free of hormones and antibiotics.

There is a process of having a food like bee pollen certified as organic. It has to be proven that where it was grown was land free from pesticides or insecticides and other toxins for a set period of time. The truth is that many countries don’t yet have organic standards for bee products set.

The certification process also requires using farming techniques that are sustainable. Both criteria are things that can be proven and measured. The question then becomes how do you know the granule of bee pollen is really organic?

Bees gather pollen across miles and miles of land. Is it possible for a beekeeper to manage where their bees gather pollen?
There are some beekeepers who claim that bees won’t extract pollen from a polluted or dirty plant so essentially all pollen is organic by nature.

On the contrary, there are large bee pollen distributors who claim to have to screen for industrial contaminants. So who is correct?

Without being able to have complete control of where the pollen comes from, can it really be called organic? The point is that the bee pollen you eat could have been gathered anywhere from a non-organic field to a toxin laden farm. On the other hand it could have come from organic land. You just do not really know.

Sale of Organic Bee Pollen

If you do an internet search for organic bee pollen you will get plenty of hits, but you are going to be hard pressed to find legitimate organic certification.
Most of these companies just label their product organic to jump on the current trend without it really being certified. And unfortunately, there isn’t anyone to police these unscrupulous suppliers.

Buy Organic or Not?

Is there really anywhere one earth that is not yet touched by man? I want to believe there is. However, I haven’t found it. Until some legitimate organic pollen suppliers enter the market, I recommend you stick with buying pollen from trusted, domestic sources. Ask the producer of your pollen where it came from! Avoid cheap, offshore pollens and stick to quality companies who stand behind their product.

And save yourself the extra money you’re likely wasting on an organiclly labeled bee pollen!